For 9 years, FAYR-GP has taken an increasingly important place in research in general medicine, and has established relationships with many actors in the field: CNGE, CRGE, CMG, VdGM, but also private companies for its events punctual. Our association thus maintains a link with all stakeholders in primary care research, to promote its promotion and development.

FAYR-GP’s partnerships serve the promotion of primary care research.

Among these partnerships, those with private companies provide financial resources to the association.

We advocate independence from pharmaceutical companies, and we pledge not to receive direct funding from these laboratories. In this context, we have considered an ethical charter to preserve our freedom of reflection about our regular events and our development projects.

The partnerships are developed in an approach consistent with the statutes and the associative spirit of FAYR-GP, paying particular attention to the issues of ethics, independence and image of the association, and more generally of the research in primary care.

The purpose of this Partnership Charter is to present the strategic framework that ensures consistency between the values ​​defended by FAYR-GP and the financial stakeholder partnerships with private companies.

This document does not mention grants from the state, financial support from foundations or associations, or direct donations from individuals.

The Partnerships Charter has been validated by the FAYR-GP Board of Directors on 18 January 2016. Its application is immediate.

1- Respect of FAYR-GP values

The partners undertake to respect and adhere to the values ​​of FAYR-GP, in accordance with its statutes and the decisions taken at general meetings.

In particular, this concerns the promotion and promotion of research in primary care, through training workshops, conferences, and the promotion of the work of young general practitioners, apart from any external influence. the association and its missions.

Partnerships must not influence, in any way, the actions, speech, or image of FAYR-GP. They must therefore be compatible with the values ​​of the association, in accordance with its statutes, whose internal and external credibility, as well as moral independence, are essential.

2- Publication, communication and use of the FAYR-GP image

FAYR-GP and its partners undertake not to communicate on the project they support in common without mentioning the existence of the partnership with the other party.

The partners, like FAYR-GP, commit themselves to notify each other of any publication and communication operations they wish to implement on the works carried out jointly. They also undertake to involve the other party upstream as much as possible in their communication operations.

At no time can the association FAYR-GP disclose the details of its members: the partners of the association will not be able to have access to them.

3- Independence of FAYR-GP

FAYR-GP is an association promoting scientific research in primary care. As such, it enjoys full independence from its overall policy as approved by its Board of Directors, as well as the organization of events and its communication.

The partners and FAYR-GP undertake to inform each other of the implementation of projects on topics close to those of the partnership.

4- Transparency

FAYR-GP is committed towards its members and its partners to a complete transparency on the methods of use of the financing made available by these partners.

5- Support the action of FAYR-GP

The partner company provides FAYR-GP with several types of resources: financial support, technical and human skills, and possibly in-kind services (meeting rooms, furniture, communication spaces, etc.). These resources are affected by FAYR-GP, in agreement with the partner:

– the organization of events such as the Autumn School or the FAYR-GP Preconference

– in support of the continuous action of FAYR-GP

They thus make it possible to strengthen and develop the action of the association.

The development of partnerships is part of FAYR-GP’s desire to diversify its funding sources. The diversification of the sources of financing limits the risks of material pressure and guarantees FAYR-GP its independence.

Partnerships can contribute to spread the image of FAYR-GP and increase its reputation among the general public and professionals by:

– the use of partners communication media

– joint participation in events (fairs, symposia, seminars, various events …) or a communication campaign.

The implementation of the actions defined within the framework of a partnership implies regular exchanges between the partner company and the association.

In the medium term, FAYR-GP aims to ensure that these exchanges guide the partner’s strategic choices towards support for primary care research and its stakeholders.

In return, they allow FAYR-GP to know the position of the partner as an economic actor, and thus enrich his proposals.

Done at Lyon on 18 January 2016


President of FAYR-GP

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