French Association of Young Researchers in General Practice or l'Association française des jeunes chercheurs en médecine générale

FAYR-GP is a nonprofit organization created in 2008. It aims to promote and develop research in general medicine and primary care, nationally and internationally.


By creating a network of exchanges between young researchers at national and international level.

By providing tools to help do research, including our “Master 2 Guide”

By organizing events to train in research and allow young researchers to enhance their work.

By putting forward theses with the Thesis of the Month program that gives an opportunity to publish in ‘Exercer’ the French-language general medical journal.

The target audience :

  • graduate students in medical studies
  • interns of general medicine
  • clinical lecturers of universities in general medicine
  • general assistants
  • general practitioners undergoing thesis or having defended their thesis for less than 5 years
  • foreign GPs fulfilling equivalent conditions in their country

The events ?

Organisation of a preconference the day before the Congress of general practice France (CMGF) in Paris: a masterclass followed by oral communication and posters

The Autumn School in September: 2 days of training in qualitative research, quantitative, bibliography and publication

Workshops at general medicine congresses: CMGF, CNGE, Indian Ocean Congress, ISNAR-IMG …

An annual membership fee entitles you to active membership, which offers:

  • a preferential rate for the FAYRGP Autumn School
  • free entrance to the preconference
    easy access to the book “Initiation to research” by Paul Frappé
  • online access to the Masters 2 guide

A status of benevolent member exists, who can participate in the life of the association by paying an additional membership fee or donation. They do not have the right to vote at general meetings.

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